Agropecuaria de los Altos de Chiapas S. P. R. de R. I.


• Coffee from high altitude of 1000 – 1800 msnm.

• High qualification in SCAA

• Many varieties of coffee, among them Árabe and Bourbón.

• Coffee farmers get a real alternative to coffee sales to intermediaries.

General Data:

• Address: 9 Oriente Sur no. 270; Barrio San Roque; Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico.

• Responsible for sales: C. Pascual López Gutiérrez, Tel: (+52) 919 686 0022,

• Typ of society: Sociedad de Producción Rural de Relaciones Ilimitadas

• Date of fundation: 30 Octuber, 2010


The Coffee Cooperative “Agropecuaria de los Altos de Chiapas S. P. R. de R. I.” counts with 1,320 members (264 women, 1,056 men) from 61 villages of 13 municipalities of the State of Chiapas. This region is appropriate for the production of high quality arabic coffee because the average altitude is of 1,000 msnm meanwhile the highest altitudes are of 1,700 to 1,800 msnm. The organization was founded on 30 Octuber, 2010 with the objective to improve the income of small coffee producer families through the sales of coffee to the fair trade market at a more favourable and fair price. They practice the organic production for the sake of good health for themselves and the consumers.


• Hectares: 2,232

• Altitude: 1,000 ~ 1,800 msnm. Most of the coffee is produced at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,400 msnm, and little volumen comes from even higher altitudes.

• Varieties of coffee: Bourbon, Oro Azteca, Costa Rica 95, Árabe, Marcelleza, Mundo Novo, others.

• Tasting points SCAA: 80 Min – 84 Max

• Offered volume: 215.625 kg Pergamino = 172.500 kg Oro


• Mayacert

• FLO-Cert



Café Nayal S.A.P.I.

Calle Central Norte No. 10

Yajalón, C.P. 29930

Chiapas, México


Pascual López Gutiérrez

Tel: (+52) 919 686 0022


Responsible for sales:

Andrea Schlehuber

Tel: (+52) 5585 73 26 72

Tel: (+43) 664 35 19 140