Sociedad de Productores Orgánicos de la selva Lacandona (SPOSEL)

Sociedad de Solidaridad Social.


• SPOSEL is located close to the natural reserve „Selva Lacandona“ where they run an agroforestry practice conserving the jungle. The coffee is practically growing inside the jungle – and in that way the jungle is maintained, no deforestation is taking place and the impact on climate change is almost reduced to zero.

• High grown coffee: 1300 – 1700 meter

• Income generation in a very remote area

General Data:

• Address: Ejido Zaragoza, Ocosingo, Chiapas.

• Responsible for sales: Francisco Ruiz Hernandez, Tel: (+52) 961 373 1048 y Eduardo Rafael Vázquez, Tel: (+52) 919 116 1023, Email:

• Typ of society: Sociedad de Solidaridad Social.

• Fundation: 6 June 2002


The coffee producers of SPOSEL are located in the six neighboring communities of the ecological reserves „Lagoon Nahá“ and „Lagoon Metzabok“.

These people were re-located in the seventies by the government to get cultivated land for the indigenous people from the valley of Bajachón and Yajalón. This is why these people also speak the indigenous languages Tzeltal and Ch’ol.

SPOSEL participates actively in programs of reforestation financed by the government (project „sowing life“) and its client EZA Fairer Handel GmbH in Austria.

They had sent coffee in a sailing boat to Europe to raise awareness among consumers about the ecological impact of container ships.

SPOSEL has its own roaster and sells roasted and ground high-quality coffee to cafeterías in Mexico City.

SPOSEL is formed by 289 members, 46 women and, 216 men.


• Hectares: 309

• Elevation: 1300 - 1700 meters

• Coffee varieties: Típica, Bourbón, Catuia, Caturra.

• Offered volume: 19.665 kg parchment = 15.732 kg green coffee



• FLO-Cert





Café Nayal S.A.P.I.

Calle Central Norte No. 10

Yajalón, C.P. 29930

Chiapas, México


Pascual López Gutiérrez

Tel: (+52) 919 686 0022


Responsible for sales:

Andrea Schlehuber

Tel: (+52) 5585 73 26 72

Tel: (+43) 664 35 19 140