Comercializadora y Exportadora Yaxcoffee Café Verde SC de RL de CV


• High-quality coffee, up to 84 SCAA points from the Sierra Norte

• Organic and Fair Trade certified

• Innovative practices regarding organic production: The concept is called Biofabrica and consists of the certified organic production of fungus and bacteria by organize Yaxcoffee to cure and fertilize the coffee plants.

• The income through coffee guarantees the survival of the millenium cultures of the ethnicities Ch’ol and Tzeltal because in this way they can stay in their remote areas and do not have to migrate.

General Data:

• Address: Calle Belisario Domínguez Núm. 24, Hidalgo Joshil, Municipio de  Tumbalá, Chiapas, México.

• Comercialización: Zacarías López Gutierrez, Tel: 919 686 27 14,

email:, website:

• Type of society: S.C. DE R.L. DE C.V.

• Date of constitution: 7 Octuber 2011


• The cooperative comprises 1536 small coffee farmers, all of them belonging to the indigenous ethnicities Tzeltal and Chol. They live in the remote area of Tumbalá, Chiapas where their languages and their culture could survive.

• YAX means "green" in the indigenous language Tzeltal and it refers to the indigenous concept of the members of the cooperative who consider "Mother Earth" as the base of any life.

• Organic production under shadow trees without any application of chemical substances and with a high diversity of plants in the coffee plantation to guarantee the survival of the Biodiversity is very important to them.

• Their vision is to improve the living conditions of small coffee producers through the production, gathering, processing, and marketing of high-quality, organic, and fairtrade coffee organized by the social cooperative Yaxcoffee. Therefore they consider their coffee to be a "Café con Solidaridad" with a high social impact.

• It is promising to see many young producers planning their future growing high-quality coffee instead of migration.


• Elevation: 800 to 1500 meters

• Hectares: 2.147

• Offered Volume in Kilogram of Parchment: 215.625

• Varieties of Coffee:








Café Nayal S.A.P.I.

Calle Central Norte No. 10

Yajalón, C.P. 29930

Chiapas, México


Pascual López Gutiérrez

Tel: (+52) 919 686 0022


Responsible for sales:

Andrea Schlehuber

Tel: (+52) 5585 73 26 72

Tel: (+43) 664 35 19 140