CAFÉ NAYAL" - Data of the cooperative members

• Coffee of the region close to the natural reserve „Reserva El Triunfo“ up to 1850 meters. This is really high grown coffee!

• High qualification points in SCAA 82-86

• Organisation of young producers and professionals considering coffee as the guarantee for having a good future!


Productores de Café Capitán Luis A. Vidal S.P.R. DE R.L.


• Responsible for Sales: Sady Velazquez Roblero, Tel. 992 688 0869              email:

General Data:

• CAFÉ CAPITÁN was founded in 2017 and became legalized on 29 June, 2018. It started with the objective to improve the living conditions of producers through the production of sustainable coffee and other products, taking care of the environment and the nature.

• The name comes from the village “Capitán Luis Angel Vidal” where a pilot with this name landed an airplane many years ago.

• The beauty of this place is incredible, the mountains are almost 2000 meters high and covered by different types of trees according to the altitude.

• The cooperative CAFÉ CAPITÁN is located in the hills of the natural reserve named “Reserva el Triunfo” with elevations above 1200 meters where still varieties like Bourbon and Árabe are cultivated.

• MISSION: To be a leader cooperative in sustainable coffee improving the coffee quality of its members and selling high quality coffee.

• VISION: Increase the income of small coffee farmers through offering high quality coffee produced in a sustainable way.

• Cooperative members: 500 (174 women, 326 men)

• The organization “Café Espiritual” forms part of CAFÉ CAPITÁN.



• Hectares: 1509

• Altitude: 850 to 1850 meters

• Volume of production in kilogram of Pergamino: 1,182,717


• Offered volume: 258.750 kg pergamino = 207.000 kg oro


• Mayacert

• FLO-Cert



Comercializadora y Exportadora Yaxcoffee Café Verde SC de RL de CV


• High-quality coffee, up to 84 SCAA points from the Sierra Norte

• Organic and Fair Trade certified

• Innovative practices regarding organic production: The concept is called Biofabrica and consists of the certified organic production of fungus and bacteria organize by Yaxcoffee to cure and fertilize the coffee plants.

• The income through coffee guarantees the survival of the millenium cultures of the ethnicities Ch’ol and Tzeltal because in this way they can stay in their remote areas and do not have to migrate.

General Data:

• Address: Calle Belisario Domínguez Núm. 24, Hidalgo Joshil, Municipio de  Tumbalá, Chiapas, México.

• Comercialización: Zacarías López Gutierrez, Tel: 919 686 27 14,

email:, website:

• Type of society: S.C. DE R.L. DE C.V.

• Date of constitution: 7 Octuber 2011


• The cooperative comprises 1536 small coffee farmers, all of them belonging to the indigenous ethnicities Tzeltal and Chol. They live in the remote area of Tumbalá, Chiapas where their languages and their culture could survive.

• YAX means "green" in the indigenous language Tzeltal and it refers to the indigenous concept of the members of the cooperative who consider "Mother Earth" as the base of any life.

• Organic production under shadow trees without any application of chemical substances and with a high diversity of plants in the coffee plantation to guarantee the survival of the Biodiversity is very important to them.

• Their vision is to improve the living conditions of small coffee producers through the production, gathering, processing, and marketing of high-quality, organic, and fairtrade coffee organized by the social cooperative Yaxcoffee. Therefore they consider their coffee to be a "Café con Solidaridad" with a high social impact.

• It is promising to see many young producers planning their future growing high-quality coffee instead of migration.


• Elevation: 800 to 1500 meters

• Hectares: 2.147

• Offered Volume in Kilogram of Parchment: 215.625

• Varieties of Coffee:






Snich Café de RI


• High grown coffee up to 1,400 meters of the region „Lagos de Montebello“ close to the Guatemaltecan border

• Organization of young producers who prefer to grow coffee than to migrate.

• Banana trees as shadow for coffee plants generate a second income

General Data:

• Address: Carretera Comitán – La Trinitaria, Col. Copalar, La Trinitaria, Chiapas, C.P.: 30160, México

• Responisible for Sales: Juan Carlos López Morales, Tel. (+52) 963 121 2050,


• The organisation was founded on 18 March, 2021 with the objective to enter into the international market in order to get a better income for the producers and so to improve their living conditions.

• The members are mostly young people who see their future in the production of high quality coffee – instead of migration.

• The main problema the cooperative is facing is the lack of funds for the harvest. In the last season 2020/21 the cooperative could have sold 6 containers but because of lack of money for gathering this volume, the cooperative only sold 2 containers. Therefore, the cooperative has become a founder member of CAFÉ NAYAL which beside supporting their members in sales also tries to organize funds for the harvest gathering.

• The mayority of the members live close to the natural reserve „Lagos de Montebello“ which is near the border to Guatemala. This mountain region is covered by virgin forests in elevations of 700 to 1,400 meters. Because of the elevation and the forests it rains the whole year and it does not become very hot. Therefore, they do not plant big and dense trees for shadows, but among the pines they plant banana trees which allow them to get a second income. For the autarc economy of these families this is an import second economic base.

• SNICH has 145 members (31 women, 113 men) organized in several group and they have their own warehouse in La Trinitaria close to Comitán.


• Hectares: 455

• Altitude: from 700 to 1400 meters

• Production volume in kilogram of pergamino: 228,018

• Varieties of Coffee: Geisha, Oro Azteca, Bourbón, Costa Rica 95, Mundo Novo, Caturra

• Offered Volume: 172.500 kg Pergamino = 138.000 kg Oro


• Mayacert

• FLO-Cert


Unión de Productores de Café de Chiapas S.P.R. DE R.I.


• Altitude 1300 – 1700 meters in the region of the Sierra Mariscal

• High qualification points SCAA 83 – 84,5

• They still have high volumes of Bourbón and Árabe because they managed well to rescue these coffee plants from the Roya.

• Most of the farmers are young people who came back from having worked in the United States. They invested their earned money in coffee plantations for a further life at home.

General Data:


• Responsible for sales: ROMAIN MENDEZ GONZALEZ.

TEL: 963 17 44 557, email: UPROCAFECH@GMAIL.COM


• The cooperative was founded on 20 July 2018 and is located in the Sierra Mariscal, in the South of Chiapas in a very mountainous region up to an elevation of 1.700 meters. The cooperative comprises 160 coffee farmers (35 women, 125 men).

• Their objective is to sell to the international market instead of the intermediaries to generate an added value for the small farmers and so to increase the familiar income.

• The main problem they are facing is the lack of funds to gather the harvested coffee.


• Hectares: 455

• Altitude: 1300 - 1700 msnm

• Production Volume in Kilogram of Pergamino: 470,707 kg

• Varieties of Coffee: Árabe, Bourbón, Mundo Novo, Marcelleza, Costa Rica 95, Oro Azteca.

• Offered Volume: 180.600 kg Pergamino = 144.480 kg Oro


• Mayacert

• Still not certified by FLO-CERT



Agropecuaria de los Altos de Chiapas S. P. R. de R. I.


• Coffee from high altitude of 1000 – 1800 msnm.

• High qualification in SCAA

• Many varieties of coffee, among them Árabe and Bourbón.

• Coffee farmers get a real alternative to coffee sales to intermediaries.

General Data:

• Address: 9 Oriente Sur no. 270; Barrio San Roque; Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico.

• Responsible for sales: C. Pascual López Gutiérrez, Tel: (+52) 919 686 0022,

• Typ of society: Sociedad de Producción Rural de Relaciones Ilimitadas

• Date of fundation: 30 Octuber, 2010


The Coffee Cooperative “Agropecuaria de los Altos de Chiapas S. P. R. de R. I.” counts with 1,320 members (264 women, 1,056 men) from 61 villages of 13 municipalities of the State of Chiapas. This region is appropriate for the production of high quality arabic coffee because the average altitude is of 1,000 msnm meanwhile the highest altitudes are of 1,700 to 1,800 msnm. The organization was founded on 30 Octuber, 2010 with the objective to improve the income of small coffee producer families through the sales of coffee to the fair trade market at a more favourable and fair price. They practice the organic production for the sake of good health for themselves and the consumers.


• Hectares: 2,232

• Altitude: 1,000 ~ 1,800 msnm. Most of the coffee is produced at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,400 msnm, and little volumen comes from even higher altitudes.

• Varieties of coffee: Bourbon, Oro Azteca, Costa Rica 95, Árabe, Marcelleza, Mundo Novo, others.

• Tasting points SCAA: 80 Min – 84 Max

• Offered volume: 215.625 kg Pergamino = 172.500 kg Oro


• Mayacert

• FLO-Cert

Profesor Otilio Montaño SPR de RI


• Volumes of Boubón and Àrabe

• An organization with many years of experience

• The cooperative counts with its threshing equipment

• Offering coffee from different elevations (600 – 1800 meters) with high quality although from lower elevations from the Sierra Mariscal.

General Data:


• Resposible for sales:  ABDIAS MEJIA ROBLERO, Tel: (+52) 9626241663     email:


• Date of registration: 11/11/1992


• The organization was founded in 1992 and counts with a lot of experience.

• In the past, the organization exported mostly to the Fair Trade market and counted with the certificates of FLO-CERT and Naturland (organic certificate).

• Three years ago they obtained the equipment for threshing coffee which is installed in their warehouse in Motozintla. The office is also located in Motozintla.

• Because of the Roya, the organizatión had become severe problems and as the consequence, they had lost a lot of clients and members. As the certifications are expensive and as they had nothing to sell, they did not renovate their certificates.

• Today they count 405 members in the organization, 20 women and 385 men.

• Now, after having overcome the Roya through cutting down the old coffee plants, the organization starts again by becoming a founder member of CAFÉ NAYAL.


• Elevation: 600-1800 meters

• Hectares: 729

• Variaties of Coffee: Árabe, Bourbón, Marcellesa, Caturra.

• Offered volume: 258.750 kg Parchment = 207.000 kg green coffe


• National organic certificate: Mexicocert

Sociedad de Productores Orgánicos de la selva Lacandona (SPOSEL)

Sociedad de Solidaridad Social.


• SPOSEL is located close to the natural reserve „Selva Lacandona“ where they run an agroforestry practice conserving the jungle. The coffee is practically growing inside the jungle – and in that way the jungle is maintained, no deforestation is taking place and the impact on climate change is almost reduced to zero.

• High grown coffee: 1300 – 1700 meter

• Income generation in a very remote area

General Data:

• Address: Ejido Zaragoza, Ocosingo, Chiapas.

• Responsible for sales: Francisco Ruiz Hernandez, Tel: (+52) 961 373 1048  Email:

• Typ of society: Sociedad de Solidaridad Social.

• Fundation: 6 June 2002


The coffee producers of SPOSEL are located in the six neighboring communities of the ecological reserves „Lagoon Nahá“ and „Lagoon Metzabok“.

These people were re-located in the seventies by the government to get cultivated land for the indigenous people from the valley of Bajachón and Yajalón. This is why these people also speak the indigenous languages Tzeltal and Ch’ol.

SPOSEL participates actively in programs of reforestation financed by the government (project „sowing life“) and its client EZA Fairer Handel GmbH in Austria.

They had sent coffee in a sailing boat to Europe to raise awareness among consumers about the ecological impact of container ships.

SPOSEL has its own roaster and sells roasted and ground high-quality coffee to cafeterías in Mexico City.

SPOSEL is formed by 289 members, 46 women and, 216 men.


• Hectares: 309

• Elevation: 1300 - 1700 meters

• Coffee varieties: Típica, Bourbón, Catuia, Caturra.

• Offered volume: 19.665 kg parchment = 15.732 kg green coffee



• FLO-Cert





Café Nayal S.A.P.I.

Calle Central Norte No. 10

Yajalón, C.P. 29930

Chiapas, México


Pascual López Gutiérrez

Tel: (+52) 919 686 0022


Responsible for sales:

Andrea Schlehuber

Tel: (+52) 5585 73 26 72

Tel: (+43) 664 35 19 140